Kentrel, Inc. was founded in 1979. We provide customer support and client services to municipalities, industry, and organizations by specializing in and providing professional services for the water industry. Our work includes all residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of business. We provide technical assistance and service in the design and installation of water meters, and water service lines. Kentrel is also expert in conducting and remediating backflow and cross-connection problems. In addition, Kentrel is experienced in the design and installation of irrigation (water sprinkler) systems.

Residential Water Meter Installation

Kentrel, Inc. has experience in the selection and installation of water meters and has installed over 1,000,000, from basic digital to radio frequency meters. For multi-dwelling apartments we can install sub-dividing manifold meters. Kentrel can relocate the meter to the point of entry thereby eliminating all possibilities of illegal connections.

Commercial Water Meter Installation

Every utility manager knows that "unaccounted-for water" also means "unaccounted-for revenue." Seldom is system loss the result of leakage alone. The inability of old meters to register water passing through them means both the loss of water accounting and revenue.

  • Large Meter Test and Evaluation:
    Kentrel technical services offer large (3" to 10") meter on site testing and evaluation. Attention is devoted to application, repair ability, ease of replacement, and long term maintenance.

  • Currently under contract with DEP NYC.
    Meter Replacement: Kentrel is involved in the replacement of Turbine, Standard, Compound, Encoder and Fire Service Meter Assemblies. All work is warranted for workmanship.

  • Meter Vault Revitalization:
    Dirt, debris and other articles deterring proper maintenance are removed from the meter site. Vaults can be repaired or rebuilt to create a safe working environment for utility personnel. new entry lids and ladders can be installed to ease access to the meter.
  • Valve Installation:
    In conjunction with a meter replacement program, the utility can have Kentrel personnel install new control valves. Bypass lines, test spool assemblies, test risers and drain systems may also incorporated into the program.


Before Before
After After

Residential/Commercial/Industrial Service Lines

Kentrel Corp. installs service lines from the main to the point of entry of a dwelling or building with minimal damage to the landscape. We can then take care of all your meter related work on the inside. As you can see by our pictures, we take pride in our work.



Residential/Commercial/Industrial Backflow

The purpose of these pages are to provide an understanding of how far-reaching and critical backflow contamination problems are. Due to the importance of backflow installations, Kentrel has devoted an entire section on the subject of backflow with pictures and case histories throughout the United States.